Shonda's Carpet Cleaning in Lambeth SE1 For All Your Rugs

Natural rugs treated expertly using dry cleaning techniques. Artificial fibres precisely and swiftly dealt with using the latest hot water extraction tools. When you need a company for carpet cleaning in Lambeth SE1 that’s got the equipment for every occasion, you know where to come…

We’ll always send you a fully trained, experienced, and properly equipped professional to take care of your rugs. It’s the reason why over 97% of the clients who’ve used us before say they’d happily use us again.

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What Happens During Your Service?

We turn up a few minutes early, and immediately get to work moving any furniture out of the way of the area you want us to clean. This will be safely put back in place afterwards.

We then move on to pre-treating any stains or markings on your carpets. Though we’d never promise 100% stain removal – we believe companies that do so aren’t being honest with you – we do use the most effective tools and solutions currently on the market, so if your stains can be removed – they will be.

Your treatment itself will then follow. We use dry cleaning on natural fabrics that might shrink if water is used, while steam cleaning techniques are used on most other carpets. This is the most effective treatment for artificial weaves, especially when allergens and pollutants are present.

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